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Formulation Water Jet Cleaning

Water Jet Cleaner are best at jobs where perfect answer for some of the complex cleaning applications where significant amounts of oil or grease are present or if some heat reactive substance is being cleaned. Cleaning with water jet along with high pressure makes for high speed cleaning, as oils, greases or soot can be removed much more easily. Consequently, you and your staff need up to 40% less time and also save cost on cleaning agents. Whenever confronted with stubborn dirt, additional cleaning agents can be added into the water jet from either the integrated tank or an external container.


  • Spray gun with heat proof extension
  • High Pressure hose 10 meters with QRC
  • Temperature Switch
  • Glycerin filled Pressure Gauge
  • High Pressure steel Nozzles
  • Heating Tank with elements                                   
  • Control Panel                                                
  • Trolley wheels fixed to swivel
  • Complete Stainless Steel Frame & Cover (SS304).
  • Pressure ranges from 100 to 350 Bar.
  • Cleaning of all process machinery.
  • It is designed for long life & ease of serviceability.
  • Big visibility of warning lights.
  • Oil level visible from outside.
  • Easy inspection and substitution Diesel filter
  • Heavy  Duty Big Diameter Wheels.
  • Pharmaceutical

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