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Front Loading Rotary Component Parts Cleaning & Degreasing Machine

UHPL offer automated Front Loading Rotary Parts Washing Machine for general purpose cleaning applications. This machine is widely used for heavy and large sized components. This machine is custom designed to meet high productivity and cleaning as per the customer level specification with minimum floor space and power requirement. It is also  called as Heavy Rotary parts Washer, Aqueous Parts washer, Front Loading Rotary Component Degreasing  Machine, Large Parts Washing   Machine.


  • Pressure washing / Degreasing
  • Rinsing
  • Compressed air blowing
  • Hot air blowing with inbuilt blower


  • Pressurized Filtering System
  • Mist Collector
  • Automatic Door open & Close
  • PLC with HMI Logic
  • Hot Air Blowing
  • Additional component Basket
  • Paper Band Filter
  • Completely wetted parts with Stainless steel.
  • Heavy Construction.
  • Smart Electrical control panel.
  • Cleaning process is  fully automatic.
  • 3 dimensional  nozzle manifold for thorough and effective cleaning.
  • Machine and Baskets designed suits to the component/parts as per customer requirement.
  • Component/Parts Basket Diameter ranges from  1100 to 3000mm.
  • Effective recycling system for recycle the waste solution .
  • It is also  called as Rotary parts Washer/Aqueous Parts washer /Rotary Component cleaning & De Greasing  Machine/ parts Washing & De Greasing Machine.
  • Energy efficient machine.
  • Table load capacity from 250 Kg to 4000 Kg.
  • Cleaning for Automotive components, Aerospace components, General Engineering parts, Crates / Bins, Engine parts, Bearings,etc
  • Large castings
  • Heavy components

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