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Rail Roller Bearing Cleaning Plant

Automatic Complete Cleaning & De-greasing of CTRB Bearing & Roller Bearings used in Roller Stock of Indian Railways to remove grease & dirt and providing a rust preventive coating on the cleaned and degreased bearings. The Bearing Cleaning Machine is capable of cleaning with Millipore standard to meet the stringent requirement of Indian Railways with High productivity. This is front loading component washing machine type washing for bearing cleaning application.


  • Washing
  • Rinsing
  • Rust preventive solution spray
  • Hot air blowing


  • Oil Skimmer
  • Pressurized Filtering System
  • Automatic Door open & Close
  • Hot Air Blowing
  • Automatic Pallet Movement
  • Loading / Unloading Equipment
  • Servo Voltage Stabilizer
  • It is used in rolling stock of Indian Railways in assembled & disassembled form.
  • Removal of all traces of dirt, organic, inorganic deposits, greases, etc.
  • Effective recycling system for recycle the waste solution.
  • High quality of cleaning.
  • Less manual hours.
  • Complete Automatic with all operation done through PLC with complete interlock for problem free operation.
  • Railway bearing cleaning plant

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