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About Us

We grow up as one of the largest component cleaning machine manufacturers in India. Our product range includes industrial component cleaning machine through fully automatic and robot-based cutting edge cleaning systems. We offer the most complete line of systems in the industry ranging from heavy and light duty to high-performance, precision cleaning ultrasonic cleaner.

Ultramax Hydrojet have state-of-the-art component Degreasing machine to remove machining oil, chips, and contaminants from machined components. We offer customers with innovative and individual custom tailored economical environmentally friendly cleaning solutions with optimized costs by industrial parts washing machine and ultrasonic cleaning system.

We are one of the leading automobile component washing machine and robotic washing machine manufacturer in India. Our quality standards go above than the industrial washing machine and component cleaning machine manufacturers in Pune.

Engineering Design in 3D with well-established design database and library. In-house manufacturing, software and controls facility; ability to work on various differences PLC and SCADA platforms. Complete customer satisfaction is always the driving force behind all over projects. Every client is valuable to us and we nurture our association with our clients to a long lasting business relationship.

Some of the major applications we concentrate:

  • Intermediate cleaning between machining or other manufacturing operations.
  • Engine degreaser.
  • Final cleaning after completion of machining operations.
  • Cleaning prior to surface treatment like painting or coating.
  • Cleaning before laser welding.
  • Degreasing before shot blasting.
  • Cleaning before and after heat treatment.
  • Cleaning of finished parts prior to assembly.
  • Cleaning before entry in CMM.
  • Cleaning of plastic bins, crates and trays.
  • Cleaning for overhauling and maintenance.
  • Precision ultrasonic cleaning machine..

Corporate Mission

  • Growth focused organization - increasing revenues and profitability continuously, through volume growth, efficiency improvement, and cost management.
  • Be a customer delight driven organization, providing customers speedy, quality and optimum solutions and supporting them timely and effectively.
  • Be a preferred employer by building a boundary-less, learning and process driven organization.
  • Build a partnership with suppliers and be a preferred customer to our suppliers.
  • Increasing the presence in the global marketplace.


2004 : We started with the manufacturing of High Pressure Cleaners.

2005 : We started with the manufacturing of High Pressure Cleaners in Flame Proof Model.

2008 : We started with the manufacturing of Industrial Component Cleaning & Degreasing Machine.

2010 : We manufactured the bigger size Front Loading Rotary Parts Cleaning Machine.

2014 : We supplied Automatic Bearing Cleaning Plant for Indian Railways including Water Softening Plant, Effluent Treatment Plant in Turnkey Basis.

2018 : Supplied Axle cleaning plant to Indian Railway. and Launched Rotary spray wash combined ultrasonic machine

2019 : Cabinet type washing machine multi process in single chamber with high Millipore value.

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