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Small Component Cleaning Machine

Ultramax offers small parts component cleaning machine in two types Automated Revolving Parts Cleaning Machine & Rotary drum parts washer is for economical method for high volume washing, rinsing, and drying small and Tiny metal parts, Fasteners, Fitting, Rubber Components, Stamped parts, screw machine parts, small die cast parts etc. are washed by a dual action cleaning process that uses a highly effective spray cleaning, to wash the exterior surfaces, along with immersion cleaning, to flush the inside of the parts under solution. This Machine is designed for high productivity to clean small parts in high volume with minimum floor space and power requirement. It is also called as Revolving parts Washer/Small Parts washer /Small parts cleaning & De Greasing Machine/ parts Washing & De Greasing Machine.


The parts are cleaned using a powerful spray washing action for scrubbing the exterior surfaces combined with immersion agitation for flushing out the inside of blind holes, hollow and tubular parts for a complete tumbled cleaning.
Spray washing
Immersion flood wash
Ultrasonic (optional)
Compressed air blowing
Hot air blowing


Oil Skimmer
Mist Collector
Automatic Door open & Close
PLC with HMI Logic
Hot Air Blowing
Additional component Basket
Water level control
Gravity filter for chips collection
SS wash booth
Washing pump
Ball valve with Pneumatic actuator
Pressurized On line Filtering system
Compressed air blowing
Hot air blowing

10 kg to 30 Kg load carrying capacity.
Pump pressure 5 to 8 bar.
Complete wetted parts in SS 304.
PLC Controlled Panel.
9 Kw Electric immersion heater.
SS Spray nozzle.

Small and tiny metal parts cleaning.
Fitting, Rubber Components, Stamped parts, screw machine parts, small die cast parts etc.

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