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Single Part Component Washing Machine

This is in Series of Rotary washing machine front loading type suitable for lean-cell manufacturing. In this component cleaning machine the rotary basket & fixture designed for the component rotates and alkaline pressure wash carried out and compressed air blow done for fast drying. The main advantage is shorter cycle time in seconds with rapid operation. This can be used for precision cleaning application. Main advantage is this model can be incorporated in Gantry operated Lean cellular design. The machine can be customized according to the component cleaning requirement. We are the leading similar component cleaning machine manufacturer in Chennai.


Manual or Automatic loading.
Rapid controlled door close.
Pressure alkaline wash.
Rinse (optional).
Compressed air blowing.
Auto rapid door open.


High pressure pump
Auto door opening.
Mist collector.
Safety sensor.
Rotary table.
Custom designed lance for Wash.
Custom designed lance for compressed air.
Fine filtration.
Oil skimmer..
Oil separator.

Alkaline spray pressure up to 18 bar.
Single / two tank concept
5 micron to 150 micron filtration.
Efficient Compressed air nozzle.
Oil skimmer 2 to 3 LPH.
9 Kw heater.

Precision Automobile component washing machine.
Machined PDC Aluminium parts cleaning.
Crankshaft washing machine.
Cam shaft cleaning machine.
Cleanliness achieved will be equal to level of ultrasonic washing machine.

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