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Front Loading Component Cleaning and Degreasing Machine

The Ultramax Front Loaded Rotary Cabinet Washer designed for Heavy Duty component washing for large parts, machined bodies and batch type production with greater load capacities for handling larger parts than our top loading Roto Cabinet Washer models. Front loaded rotary cabinet washer efficiently cleans the "components" kept on a trolley at the load / unload platform of the machine. When the "Cycle Start" button is pressed, the trolley slides inside the cabinet. The front door closes automatically. Our Cabinet Component Cleaning Machine operates with a gear-driven turntable and provides easy access to component washing, efficient & safer in operation the component inside the chamber on the rotary table rotates; the pressurised hot alkaline solution is sprayed over the components..

In day to day operations in Front Loading Spray Washers the main challenge is to maximize efficiency and achieve greater return on investment. Our Front Loading Rotary Table Type Spray Washer provides excellent part cleaning capabilities that exceed the most rigorous customer demands. Our Front Loaded Rotary Cabinet Washer excellent for railroad, re-manufacturing, mining, marine, energy and other heavy-duty industry cleaning applications. We ensure higher levels of component surface cleanliness are achieved during the design & process selection prior to manufacturing. .




  • Wash & Rinse tank
  • Stainless steel construction for all wetted components.
  • On line & off line Filtration system - 5 to 150 micron bag filtration
  • PLC Controlled Electrical panel
  • Stainless steel disc oil skimmer.
  • Oil separating systems
  • Sludge extraction systems
  • Steam exhaust Mist collector systems
  • Pump capacity variation in pressure & flow rate according to the component & suitable design of Front Loaded Rotary Cabinet Washer.
  • High capacity Inconel heaters
  • Tank & Booth Insulation

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  • Machine Suitable for Cleaning of Gears, cleaning of Cam Shaft, cleaning of Transmission housing etc.

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