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Auto Components Cleaning & De-Greasing


Aqueous Based Cleaning

UHPL offers automated Converyorised Component Cleaning Machine Engineered for lean manufacturing our pass through cleaning units reduces floor space requirements while providing exceptional cleaning and drying performance. This straight forward design allows for easy access into the tanks and most critical components of the washer. We provide one of the most efficient custom designed conveyorised washing machines. This machine is designed for high productivity and achieves Millipore level of cleaning as per the customer specification with less power requirement. It is also called as Conveyorised parts Washer, Conveyorised Component cleaning & De Greasing Machine/ parts Washing & De Greasing Machine, Conveyor Washers, Pass-Through Washers.


Solvent Based Cleaning

Single Parts Cleaning & Degreasing Machine design allows for easy access into the tanks and most critical components of the washer. It is also called as Small Parts Washer/Single Parts Washer/Aqueous Parts Washer /Single Component Cleaning & De Greasing Machine/ Parts Washing & De Greasing Machine.


Cylinder Block Cleaning Machine

The Front Loading machines are designed for meeting specific cleaning requirement of the washed parts. The individual component or batch of components are loaded and unloaded on the trolley at the same station outside cleaning chamber. These machines are available in single-chamber as well as multi-chamber design. Multiple parts can be easily accommodated in the same machine. When the `Cycle Start’ button is pressed, the trolley slides inside the cabinet. The front door closes automatically. Our Cabinet Component Cleaning Machine operates with a gear-driven turntable and provides easy access to component washing, efficient & safer in operation The component inside the chamber on the rotary table rotates, the pressurised hot alkaline solution is sprayed over the components thru set of nozzles for specific cleaning and to make the component contamination free. Loading and unloading of components outside the cleaning chamber.


Automotive Part Cleaning Machine

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