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Ultramax Hydrojet offer a unique range of Ultrasonic Cleaning Machines that are highly demanded for their excellent performance and low maintenance. With our immense domain expertise, we are involved in offering Cleaning Machine to our valuable clients. This type of ultrasonic cleaning equipment works on Dunking principle with compact, simplest and most cost effective cleaning method. The working principle is based on cleaning the parts inside the cleaning liquid media by means of a simple and reliable pneumatically operated dunking platform with an adjustable stroke feature for vertical reciprocation. Solution/ Air agitation can be provided for better effect. Moreover, we offer this machine in different specifications and can also be customized as per the needs of the clients. We are one of the leading Ultrasonic cleaning machine manufacturer in India.


In the ultrasonic component washing machine the Ultrasonic cleaner equipment work by inducing controlled cavitation in the cleaning fluid. Cavitation bubbles form and collapse suddenly, releasing tremendous energy against the surfaces of objects immersed in the tank. This action "scrubs" hard to remove soils from the parts, Cavitation is determined by the frequency of the unit. Low frequencies generate large cavitation and high frequencies generate smaller cavitation, but in greater numbers. Ultrasonic parts cleaner machine gives very high cleanliness level in the component.


Component basket.
Ultrasonic Transducer
Ultrasonic Generator
Agitation pneumatic system.
Micron filtration system.

20 to 40 Khz Frequency.
500 watts to 3000 watts Transducer.
50 litre to 200 Litre tank capacity.
Inconel Heater.
Re-circulation filter pump.

Aerospace parts cleaning
Automotive machined parts cleaning.
Mould cleaning
Industrial parts cleaning.
PCB Cleaning.
Medical instrument cleaning.
Jewellery parts

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