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Cabinet Type Washing Machine

Ultramax Cabinet component cleaning machine are designed for immersion washing with aqueous detergents. In this type of industrial component cleaning machine multiprocessing can be done in single chamber without component transfer mechanism and process like High pressure alkaline Washing, Ultrasonic, Rinsing, Compressed air blow, Hot air blow and Vacuum drying facilities can be done.

These washing systems may be single-stage and multistage completely customized according to the treatment requirements of the parts to be cleaned. These machines base their operation on the rotation of the basket around its horizontal axis and are suitable for washing Components of complex geometry pose great difficulties in cleaning and drying with internal channels, blind holes and details that have a complex geometry. These type of machines are basically used to wash and dry heavy components like valve bodies, transmission parts, cylinder blocks, aerospace parts, wind electric generator sub-assemblies, wheels etc.


Auto loading and unloading.
High pressure sprays wash.
Rinse stage: re-circulating and non-recirculating.
Heated and non-heated Air blow for drying.


Oil Skimmer
Pressurized Filtering System
Mist Collector
Automatic Door open & Close
PLC with HMI Logic
Hot Air Blowing
Additional component Basket

Lower cycle times.
Type of Conveyor: Slat Conveyor, Honeycomb, Wire & Mesh, Roller chain with fixture Type, etc. - it is selected depending on the part geometry and the cleaning application.
Different processes in separate Chambers.
Complete water contacting parts in SS 304.
Conveyor width: 300mm to 1500mm.
Load carrying capacity: Maximum 175 kg / part.
Variable speed conveyor.
Modular design - easily add rinse, dry sections.
Fully insulated solution tanks.
Low Water Shut-Off - Protect your heat elements from low water conditions.
Lower cycle times.
Different processes in separate Chambers.
Thru Feed Type Washing Machine, for aiding online assembly operations.
Filtration Bag/ Cartridge, Compact band, Wedge wire type.
Fits into "in line" manufacturing layout.
Loading and unloading of components outside the cleaning chamber.
User friendly for heavier components handling by hoist or crane.

Removal of oil and chips from machined components, castings and housings.
Automotive engine and transmission rebuild and manufacturing cleaning
Cleaning prior to powder coating, welding, deburring, brazing, blasting or other surface cleanliness critical post process applications.
Industrial parts washing of castings, stamped parts, machined parts, and other parts with true oils or water soluble coolants.
HPDC Components cleaning machine.

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