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High Pressure Submerged Washing Machine

Ultramax High pressure component washing machine is designed for immersion washing with aqueous detergents. In this type of High pressure parts cleaning machine it has the ability to carry out chip removal through submerged spaying using a high-pressure and small-flow rate jet. Compared with low-pressure and large-flow rate submerged washing types, the Submerged High-pressure Washing Machine is superior in terms of its ability to carry out chip removal tasks. This is done from 20 bar to 5oo bar pressure depends upon the component geometry requirement. When a water jet is sprayed under water, it meets resistance from surrounding water, and this greatly reduces the power of the jet but spraying has the result of creating cavitation between the jet and its surrounding water. In submerge industrial component washing machine is done in order to use the washing power created by the cavitation.


Component placed in special fixture.
Component goes to below the surface of solution for cleaning of oil galleries and water jackets by fix nozzle.
High pressure spray through ceramic special nozzle arrangement.
In this type automotive parts washer the solution will be circulated for recycling by automatic micron filtration system.

Collection tank & clean tank.
Reciprocating high pressure pump.
High pressure vertical pressure wash pump.
Ambient Working temperature.
Special custom build basket to suit the component.
Automotive parts washer cabinet with front loading auto door open & close.
Fully enclosed front loading component cleaning machine.
Automatic door open & close.
PLC controlled process.
Two hand push button with safety screen sensor.
Oil skimmer.
Oil separator.

Chip removal for hydraulic and pneumatic valve parts.
Moulding sand removal for precision casting parts
Chip removal for general-purpose work pieces, machined casting engine parts for two- and four-wheel vehicles and farm equipment.
Automotive engine & transmission parts like cylinder head, crankshaft, camshaft, gears, housings etc.
Automotive systems like injection, break and steering systems, turbo chargers etc.

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