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Top Loading Rotary Component Cleaning Machine

Our Rotary table washing machines has been developed to provide fast and efficient cleaning of manufactured components. Suitable for parts with simple geometry with batch of small parts loaded on basket or individual big parts on fixtures. In Rotary Table Spray Washers Components would be loaded on Rotary basket, which is rotated by a motor and gearbox arrangement in slow speed. During the rotation, the solution (water along with alkaline) from the tank is pumped with the help of High Pressure pump to wash chamber of Top Loading spray washer through inline filter multiple and spray nozzles located above, below, and to the sides of the rotary table to attain higher degree of cleaning results. From Rotary Table Washer Wash chamber it drains back to the tank via a basket filter. Spray pressure indicator (Glycerine filled pressure gauge) is provided to monitor the line pressure. Low water level indication and Digital temperature indicator cum controller is provided on the control panel.

The Rotary Component Washing Machine Uses only hot water and biodegradable Alkaline detergent products – making them good for the environment and good for the operator. Our Rotary Table Component Cleaning Machine designed for fast, effective space saving and economical – high levels of cleanliness can be achieved for low cost and little effort.

Ultramax Hydrojet Rotary Basket Cleaning Machine is without doubt the best performing Rotary type component cleaning machines available on today's market.




    The Main parts of Top load cabinet industrial parts washer are:

  • Well-designed Rotary table washing machines Wash Chamber with Mechanical Door Seal ~ No rubber seals to replace or leak!
  • High pressure vertical / horizontal pumps.
  • High pressure centrifugal blower with Electric hot heater for component drying.
  • Sprocket drive system (as opposed to troublesome direct drive or chain drives).
  • Low Water Shut-Off ~ Protect your heat elements from low water conditions
  • Stainless Steel V-Jet Nozzles ~ Durability and precise 360 degree cleaning coverage
  • Rotary Table Component Cleaning Machine is provided with PLC Controlled Industrial Control Panel
  • Gravity Filter to keeps tanks free of larger debris
  • Mist collector for Exhaust systems.
  • Oil Skimmer for effective removal of oil from tank.
  • Rotary type component cleaning machines wash tank can be also provided with Oil separator for effective removal of oil from the tank in high volume.
  • Washable Filtration system for reuse of aqueous solution.
  • A thermostat-controlled electric immersion heater in Rotary Basket Cleaning Machine maintains the aqueous cleaning solution at the desired temperature.
  • Rinse tank for removing alkalinity from component post spray wash in Top load cabinet industrial parts washer.

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  • Suitable for general cleaning of different components cleaning in the same machine. supports cleaning of wide variety of components.
  • Intermediate or final cleaning in the automatic parts washer.
  • General Engineering washing by Rotary Table Type Component Cleaning Machines
  • OEM's
  • Aerospace
  • Manufacturing
  • Railway Degreasing.
  • Hydraulics industry - Cylinder washing machine.
  • Metal Pressing Industry - pressed component washing machine
  • Metal Casting Industry
  • Printing Industry.
  • Crankshaft Washing Machine.

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