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Rotary Bin Washing Machine

The Rotary bin cleaning machine is very simple and user friendly design with batch type process. Ultramax Hydrojet Rotary Bin washing machine is of top loading type with Rotary basket inside the wash chamber. In Rotary basket fixture design is done to accommodate various sizes of bins. The main design feature in the crate washer is washing & drying done in single chamber without clamping during the plastic bin clean. Place the bin in the rotary table press the push button door closes automatically. The spray & basket rotation starts inside the plastic crate washing machine chamber and after washing drying is done by hot air with special high pressure air blower. In our plastic crate washer the bin washing is done by single bin process.
We are one of the leading Bin washing machine manufacturers in India. Our Rotary crates washing system is very economical, less power consumption with Effective plastic bin clean. We use in build blower for effective removal water after washing in the tray washer.


The following are the process done in our industrial crates washing machine.
Loading of plastic bin in Rotary table
Door closes automatically
Pressure bin wash cleaning
Hot air blow drying after bin cleaning.
Door open & unload the bins.
Door open & Unload


Oil Separator
Oil Skimmer
Mist collector
Glass wool insulated Tank
Multi stage gravity filter to safe guard pump
Online Washable SS Micron filter
High pressure SS Wash Pump
PLC Control panel
Auto Door opening.

Customised bin size machine design with standard concept
150 bins to 200 bins / shift
Spraying pressure standard 4 to 5 bars & customised up to 20 bars
Constructed entirely of stainless steel
No Gasket sealing proven Mechanical seal design
Automatic Pneumatic Door opening
Less spray shadow region design
Digital temperature control
High efficiency V jet SS Nozzle
3 Dimensional designed solution spray arrangement
High specification filters, easily accessible from outside the machine
Our crate washer machine manufactured is one of the High quality bin cleaning machine in India

    These machines are used for washing & drying bins/crates used in the industries like
    Automotive Industries
    Component manufacturing industries

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