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AHU Filter Cleaning Equipment


Rotary Filter Cleaning Machine

The Rotary AHU filter cleaning machine is designed for Single batch type AHU Filter cleaning application, with high cleanliness level and complete dry of pre filter can be achieved in this HVAC Filter cleaning machine. This type of AHU Filter cleaning machine is top loading rotary type with automatic pneumatic door opening & Closing. The Filter is to be place inside the rotary fixture located inside the AHU filter cleaning booth. After cycle start press door closes and filte...


Conveyor Filter Cleaning Machine

The Conveyor AHU filter cleaning machine is designed for high volume AHU Filter cleaning application of pre filters. This type is continuous process of HVAC filter cleaning machine where the filter is placed in the loading end of the conveyor and passes through air purging, high pressure spray, Compressed air & Hot air blowing. In this Automatic AHU Filter cleaning machine the entire machine is made of Stainless steel with Wet scrubber & Mist collector arrangement with complete aut...


Rotary Four Filter Cleaning Machine

This Rotary AHU filter cleaning machine is designed to handle four filter in a single cycle. High cleanness level achieved in this machine. The dryness level achieved in this filter cleaning booth is obtained by compressed Air & in build hot air blower with variable cycle timer adjusted to reach desired level. In this type filter washing machine used where the No.of filters to be cleaned in short period of time. This filter cleaning equipment is provided with rotary table with automatic d...

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