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Component Cleaning Machines


Top Loading Rotary Component Cleaning Machine

Our Rotary table washing machines has been developed to provide fast and efficient cleaning of manufactured components. Suitable for parts with simple geometry with batch of small parts loaded on basket or individual big parts on fixtures. In Rotary Table Spray Washers Components would be loaded on Rotary basket, which is rotated by a motor and gearbox arrangement in slow speed. During the rotation, the solution (water along with alkaline) from the tank is pumped with the help of High Pres...


Conveyorised Component Cleaning Machine

Ultramax offers the highest quality industrial Conveyorised Component Washing Machine for component cleaning application, these conveyor parts washers are able to wash, rinse and dry up to your most demanding high volume component cleaning applications.

The components enter on one side and exit at the other side of the machine. Multiple components are cleaned simultaneously leading to lower cycle time. The machine can be designed as a continuous moving or stop-and-go type ma...


Cabinet Type Washing Machine

Ultramax Cabinet component cleaning machine are designed for immersion washing with aqueous detergents. In this type of industrial component cleaning machine multiprocessing can be done in single chamber without component transfer mechanism and process like High pressure alkaline Washing, Ultrasonic, Rinsing, Compressed air blow, Hot air blow and Vacuum drying facilities can be done.

These washing systems may be single-stage and multistage completely customized according to the ...


Front Loading Component Cleaning and Degreasing Machine

The Ultramax Front Loaded Rotary Cabinet Washer designed for Heavy Duty component washing for large parts, machined bodies and batch type production with greater load capacities for handling larger parts than our top loading Roto Cabinet Washer models. Front loaded rotary cabinet washer efficiently cleans the "components" kept on a trolley at the load / unload platform of the machine. When the "Cycle Start" button is pressed, the trolley slides inside the cabinet. The front door closes...


Single Part Component Washing Machine

This is in Series of Rotary washing machine front loading type suitable for lean-cell manufacturing. In this component cleaning machine the rotary basket & fixture designed for the component rotates and alkaline pressure wash carried out and compressed air blow done for fast drying. The main advantage is shorter cycle time in seconds with rapid operation. This can be used for precision cleaning application. Main advantage is this model can be incorporated in Gantry operated Lean cellul...


Small Component Cleaning Machine

Ultramax offers small parts component cleaning machine in two types Automated Revolving Parts Cleaning Machine & Rotary drum parts washer is for economical method for high volume washing, rinsing, and drying small and Tiny metal parts, Fasteners, Fitting, Rubber Components, Stamped parts, screw machine parts, small die cast parts etc. are washed by a dual action cleaning process that uses a highly effective spray cleaning, to wash the exterior surfaces, along with immersion cleani...


High Pressure Submerged Washing Machine

Ultramax High pressure component washing machine is designed for immersion washing with aqueous detergents. In this type of High pressure parts cleaning machine it has the ability to carry out chip removal through submerged spaying using a high-pressure and small-flow rate jet. Compared with low-pressure and large-flow rate submerged washing types, the Submerged High-pressure Washing Machine is superior in terms of its ability to carry out chip removal tasks. This is done from 20 bar to 5o...


Accessories for Industrial Component Cleaning Machines

The Accessories of Industrial Washing Machine includes Oil Skimmer, Pump, Motor, Mist Collector, Online Filter, Paper Band filter, Oil Separator,etc


PCB Cleaning Machine

Ultramax offer a wide range of cleaning equipment. Our PCB Cleaning machines are entirely manufactured in India. Very easy to use, cost effective  & precision cleaning.

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