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Customized Cleaning System


Rail Axle Box Cleaning Plant

Axle Box Cleaning Plant are used in Railway Rolling Structure. The scope of supply includes Design, Supply, Installation, Testing, and Commissioning & Prove out of Machine on Turnkey Basis. The machine consists of Multi chamber and multi stage cleaning. The cleaning plant remove grease & dirt from the axle box. The Axle Box Cleaning Plant is capable of cleaning to meet the stringent requirement of Indian Railways with High productivity.


Mobile Sewage Evacuation Machine

It is used in Cleaning of Bio Toilet Tanks in Indian Railways. The System removes waste, separate inoculums and put backs in to the tank. This uses advanced Lobe Pump designed & Developed by UHPL. Completely manufactured in India by “Make in India concept”. The machine work on zero spillage & no touching of bio toilet waste by the operator during operation.


Rail Roller Bearing Cleaning Plant

Automatic Complete Cleaning & De-greasing of CTRB Bearing & Roller Bearings used in Roller Stock of Indian Railways to remove grease & dirt and providing a rust preventive coating on the cleaned and degreased bearings. The Bearing Cleaning Machine is capable of cleaning with Millipore standard to meet the stringent requirement of Indian Railways with High productivity. This is front loading component washing machine type washing for bearing cleaning application.


Sewage Jet Rodder cum Suction Machine

The vehicle mounted combined unit for jetting/suction shall be able to create vacuum required for siphoning of mud, slurry, grit and other materials from sanitary, storm and combined sewerage system and high velocity jetting to remove and dislodge obstructions, soluble grease, grit and other materials from sanitary storm and combined sewerage system. The unit shall be especially being required to clean out the non-man entry drain and deep wet wells of sewage pumping stations. This is a high p...

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