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Ultrasonic Cleaning Machines



Ultramax Hydrojet offer a unique range of Ultrasonic Cleaning Machines that are highly demanded for their excellent performance and low maintenance. With our immense domain expertise, we are involved in offering Cleaning Machine to our valuable clients. This type of ultrasonic cleaning equipment works on Dunking principle with compact, simplest and most cost effective cleaning method. The working principle is based on cleaning the parts inside the cleaning liquid media by means of a simple...


Multistage Ultrasonic Cleaning System

For clients requiring multiple tank precision washes and high efficiency parts drying. We are one of the best Ultrasonic cleaning machine manufacturers in India. The component loaded in basket is prewashed & spray wash with injection flooding process and ultrasonic frequency applied to remove the contaminant from component surface. In our ultrasonic cleaning equipment the next stage will be rinsing by spray & submerged operation to remove alkalinity after ultrasonic cleaner operati...


Rotary Spray cum Ultrasonic Component Cleaning Machine

We are one of the leading Ultrasonic cleaning machine manufacturers in India to provide multiprocessing in single chamber without component transfer mechanism and process like High pressure spray alkaline Washing, Ultrasonic cleaning, Rinsing, Compressed air blow and Hot air blow facilities can be done. Our ultrasonic cleaning machine is unique and used where the component requires Rotary spray & ultrasonic cleaning system. This is front loading component washing machine with sliding d...


Vapour Degreasing

Ultramax Vapor Degreasing is an economical way to clean in the manufacturing process as the solvents are reused. Today’s demanding product performance often requires components machined or stamped to very tight specifications. Current industrial standard requires Lubricants, dust, metal particulate, fingerprints or other residues must be removed prior to processing or assembly. . This process needs to safely displace common soils — machining oils, stamping oils, cooling oils,...

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