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Who We Are

We grow up as one of the largest component cleaning machine manufacturers in India. Our product range includes industrial component cleaning machine through fully automatic and robot-based cutting edge cleaning systems. We offer the most complete line of systems in the industry ranging from heavy and light duty to high-performance, precision cleaning ultrasonic cleaner.

Ultramax Hydrojet have state-of-the-art component Degreasing machine to remove machining oil, chips, and contaminants from machined components. We offer customers with innovative and individual custom tailored economical environmentally friendly cleaning solutions with optimized costs by industrial parts washing machine and ultrasonic cleaning system.

We are one of the leading automobile component washing machine and robotic washing machine manufacturer in India. Our quality standards go above than the industrial washing machine and component cleaning machine manufacturers in Pune.

Engineering Design in 3D with well-established design database and library. In-house manufacturing, software and controls facility; ability to work on various differences PLC and SCADA platforms. C...Read more

Latest News

Automatic Bogie Washing Plant

We are proud to say that we are manufacturing Automatic Bogie Washing Plant for cleaning / Degreasin...

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PCB Machine

We provide complete solution for your Filter cleaning Solution

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The company is a multi-division engineering company with its own strength in design , manufacturing and project activities. Our group was Established in 2002, has quickly achieved an important position in the market, because our products have combined with high quality, durability and good service support. Highly skilled and imaginative engineering using electro hydraulics, pneumatics , PLC based control systems .

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