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We are the leading manufacturer and specialized in providing turn key solution for specific industrial cleaning needs for difficult cleaning task of various industries such as Automotive, Rail and Transit, Pharmaceuticals, Food processing industries, General Engineering, and Aerospace.


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The Conveyorized type parts washer Cleaning Machine procured from ULTRAMAX are very capable to meet the cleaning specifications of Rotor., The Machine is well constructed, easy to operate & maintain.

Mr Raghavan – General Manager – Production Yamaha Motor Electronics India Pvt Ltd – Chennai

The Cabinet type parts washer Cleaning Machine purchased from ULTRAMAX for cleaning of valve stem seals is meeting out our requirements with High pressure spraying & Hot Air Blowing.

Mr Praywin Henry - Manager – Process Engineering Skf Engineering & Lubrication India Pvt Ltd – Mysore

We have procured the first Cleaning Machine for Crank shafts & Cam shafts line from ULTRAMAX in the year 2020. We see the Machine design, Aesthetics & performance is consistent.

Mr Dheenadhayalan – Production Engineering Yanmar Engines Manufacturing India Pvt Ltd – Chennai

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When you partner with UHPL, you’re working with a team of seasoned experts. We offer an unmatched level of experience as single-source specialists in parts cleaning, surface treatment, high-pressure water jet deburring, and slurry blasting systems. From defining and proofing your process in our state-of-the-art test lab through to manufacturing, installing, and commissioning your system, UHPL is dedicated to providing you with an integrated cleaning solution that delivers superior performance and reliability – year-in, year-out.

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Align our technology with your needs
Maintain Your Production Rate Efficiency
Tackle Any Challenges In A Cost-Effective Manner
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