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Managing Director

Mr. R. Sivanesan, a visionary entrepreneur, established Ultramax Hydrojet Pvt Ltd in Chennai, India, with a distinguished reputation. His two-decade journey has led to the creation of cutting-edge automated cleaning machines for automotive, aerospace, pharmaceutical, and railway sectors. His leadership and business acumen have elevated Ultramax’s standing, exemplified by the acclaimed automatic Bogie washing plant for Railways. This accomplishment underscores his commitment to excellence, reinforcing Ultramax as a dependable source of innovative solutions.



With a Post Graduate degree in Computer Science and over 20 years of experience, Mrs. A.R. Shree Lalitha is an accomplished Director. Her skills in System Engineering, Software Engineering, and ERP development, combined with strong administrative acumen, have been instrumental in the company’s achievements. Her visionary leadership fuels business development, propelling growth and capitalizing on opportunities. Her administrative prowess optimizes organizational efficiency, solidifying her indispensable role in the company’s continuous triumphs.

Meet Our Team

Supported by an exceptional team of highly skilled professionals, we take immense pride in manufacturing our equipment in strict adherence to the highest global quality standards. Our diverse group includes design engineers, technicians, quality controllers, research associates, engineers, and marketing personnel. United in their dedication, our team ensures flawless machinery production through meticulous oversight of the manufacturing process. Additionally, our diligent quality checking team vigilantly monitors every manufacturing aspect to uphold our unwavering commitment to quality. Moreover, our extensive network of service engineers across India grants us the advantage of promptly assisting you, minimizing any production downtime.

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