Component Cleaning Machine

Engine Block Washer

The Engine block Washer designed for Heavy Duty Application which is washing for large parts, machined bodies and batch type production with greater load capacities for handling larger parts

The Engine block washer has to be kept on a trolley at the load / unload platform of the machine. When the “Cycle Start” button is pressed, the trolley moves inside the wash chamber & front door closes automatically. During operation the component inside the chamber on the rotary table rotates by High pressure pump thereby hot water alkaline solution is sprayed over the components.

After washing process has been completed in the same chamber Fresh Water Rinse & Hot Air blowing takes place one by one & component retracts to the Unloading station. The parts has to be unloaded as similar to the process of loading

  • Aqua based alkaline high pressure spray over the component
  • Re-circulation Rinse & fresh water rinse system
  • Cold & Hot Air Blow.
  • Online Fine Filtration system
  • Both side loading & Unloading option available.
  • Auto Detergent Dosing Unit
  • Auto water fill – ensure the system always has enough water
  • Wash & Rinse tank
  • Stainless steel construction for all wetted components.
  • On line & off line Filtration system – 5 to 150 micron bag filtration
  • PLC Controlled Electrical panel with HMI display
  • Stainless steel disc oil skimmer.
  • Oil separating systems
  • Sludge extraction systems
  • Fume exhaust / Mist collector systems
  • Tank & Booth Insulation
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