Connecting Rod Washing Machine

The Connecting Rod Washing Machine is thoughtfully crafted to efficiently clean connecting rods of varying sizes. Customized fixtures are tailored to accommodate these diverse dimensions.

Beginning at the front of the loading station, operators manually load the parts onto the machine. Upon initiating the cycle via a hand-activated Start push button, the machine’s door automatically closes using a pneumatic cylinder arrangement. Once the door is securely shut, the process proceeds.

The heart of the cleaning operation involves the rotary basket, which initiates rotation upon door closure. A comprehensive spray is achieved through strategically positioned nozzles and a high-pressure pump, effectively covering the entire surface of the component.

Upon completing the washing phase, the sequence advances to DM Water Rinsing and Hot Air Blowing. This combination ensures the removal of residual water particles and attains the desired level of dryness for the component. With all these stages completed, the machine’s door automatically opens via pneumatic cylinder operation, facilitating the manual retrieval of the cleaned components.

This Connecting Rod Washing Machine underscores efficiency and precision in cleaning processes, providing a solution tailored to varying rod sizes. The amalgamation of automated functionalities and manual interactions ensures optimal cleaning results and streamlined operations

  • Spray Washing, DM Water Rinsing, Hot air blowing
  • Online Recycling Filtration system
  • Loading & Unloading station at same point
  • Wash tank & Rinse Tank
  • Stainless steel construction for all wetted components.
  • PLC Controlled Electrical panel with HMI display
  • Oil separating systems
  • Fume exhaust / Mist collector systems
  • Tank & Booth Insulation
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