Sewage Jet Rodder cum Suction Machine

The vehicle mounted combined unit for jetting/suction shall be able to create vacuum required for siphoning of mud, slurry, grit and other materials from sanitary, storm and combined sewerage system and high velocity jetting to remove and dislodge obstructions, soluble grease, grit and other materials from sanitary storm and combined sewerage system. The unit shall be especially being required to clean out the non-man entry drain and deep wet wells of sewage pumping stations. This is a high pressure jetting machine.

The unit shall be multi-purpose vehicle designed to collect sludge & sewage from catch pits. It shall also be used for flushing the silted storm water drain lines.

  • Product Process
  • High vacuum sliding vane pump.
  • High pressure reciprocating plunger pump.
  • Tested vacuum tank.
  • Auto rotate hose reel.
  • Easy control valve for easy operator handling.

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