Railway and transits

Automatic Train Washing Plant

The Automatic Drive-Through Train Wash Plant efficiently and automatically cleans the exterior lateral sides of rail cars, including the windows. This advanced system ensures a comprehensive and effective cleaning process, maintaining the aesthetic appearance and hygiene of the rail cars. By offering a hands-free solution for exterior cleaning, your automatic drive-through train wash plant contributes to the overall maintenance and presentation of rail vehicles, enhancing their visual appeal and providing a positive experience for passengers and observers alike

  • Pre wetting
  • Detergent spraying
  • Water brushing 1st stage
  • Water brushing 2ndstage
  • Soft water Rinsing 1st stage
  • RO Water Rinsing 2nd stage
  • Water streak Removal Module
  • Optical sensors /Magic Eye is installed for sensing the entry &exit speed of Rail cars
  • Effective Multi stage Water brushing system to remove the contaminations
  • Effective Energy efficient Train Washing Plant
  • Effluent treatment plant is provided for water Recycling which makes water conservation
  • In case of emergency complete plant will get shutdown & brush will withdraw automatically
  • PLC- SCADA based control system in which data can stored in external computer
  • All operations can be controlled through Centralized control desk
  • Low operational Maintenance costs
  • RO Plant
  • Under chassis water wash
  • Hot water washing
  • Moping/Drying
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