Rotary Crates / Bin Cleaning Machine

Rotary Bin Cleaning Machine

The Rotary Bin / Crate Washing Machine is specifically engineered to eliminate contaminations like oil, grease, and atmospheric dust particles. Operating on a batch type concept, this machine conducts a sequential cleaning process within a single chamber. The cleaning process involves Alkaline spray washing, DM Hot Water Rinsing, and Hot Air Blowing, ensuring thorough and efficient cleaning results. This specialized washer is designed to cater to the cleaning needs of bins and crates, providing a reliable and effective solution for maintaining cleanliness and hygiene in various industrial applications.

  • Rotary Bin Cleaning Machine
  • Rotary Type Crates Washer
  • Rotary Crates Cleaning & Drying Machine
  • Rotary Crates Washing Machine

Today cleaning the components in Millipore level & keeping the cleaned components in dirty bins is not correct Methodology. We have innovated the Bin cleaning machine which gives consistent cleaning results for the bins.

  • Achieving the cleanliness level as per NAS standards
  • Machine design is customized according to bin sizes & its productivity
  • Manufacturing, Timely delivery & immediate installation
  • Wash Tanks
  • Electrical Heating Elements
  • Temperature Controller & sensors
  • Wash Pump
  • Oil Skimmer
  • Tank Level indicator
  • Recycling Filtration system
  • Control Panel with PLC Logic control & HMI Display
  • Automatic Door Open & close
  • Hot Air blower
  • Oil Separator
  • Duplex Filtering system
  • Mist Collector/ Fume Exhauster


  • All Wetted parts of the Machine are constructed using stainless steel (SS 304)
  • The Machine is completely Automated with PLC Logic control
  • Except loading & unloading of components, the process is Automatic
  • Continuous Type Machine which suits as per productivity
  • Machine is designed & customized specifically as per component cleaning requirements
  • All safety norms & POKE YOKE has been incorporated in this machine
  • Designed with Energy efficient standards where optimum level of energy will be used for the cleaning process


  • Bin Cleaning
  • Crates Cleaning
  • Tray Cleaning
  • Plastic Box Cleaning
  • Partition Bin Cleaning
  • Foam Bin Cleaning
  • Automotive bin Cleaning
  • Grocery bin Cleaning
  • Vegetable Crate washer
  • Food processing Bin / Crates Cleaning
  • Pharmaceuticals Bin /Crates Cleaning

Advantages of the Machine

  • Design as per customer expected cleanliness level equivalent to NAS standards
  • Manufacturing & Delivery in a timely manner
  • The outcome results of the cleaned bins will be in consistency manner
  • Less Man power fatigue
  • Running cost per bin is minimized

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