Railway and transits

Trolley Mounted Sewage Evacuation Machine

Certainly, your company provides Trolley Mounted Sewage Evacuation Machines tailored for the purpose of effectively removing solid waste from the toilet tanks of railway passenger cars. This specialized solution ensures proper sanitation and hygiene within the railway environment

Rail Wheelset Washing Plant

Our company provides a comprehensive rail wheel set washing plant equipped with an automated process that effectively eliminates various contaminants, including grease, brake dust, and encrustations, from locomotive car wheel sets.

Automatic Train Washing Plant

This Rotary AHU filter cleaning machine is designed to handle four filter in a single cycle. High cleanness level achieved in this machine

Traction Motor Washing and Drying Plant

Ultramax Hydrojet water jet cleaner machine is specifically designed for Pharma Active Bulk drug cleaning application like Clean room application, reactor and Centrifuges

Automatic Bogie Cleaning Plant

Ultramax hydrojet provides GLR Reactor cleaning system for the pharma cleaning application. The water jet cleaner self-rotating nozzle

Rail Bearing Cleaning Plant

Ultramax Hydrojet Hydro blaster is widely used water jet cleaning machine to clean tanks, boilers, remove paint, and perform numerous maintenance functions.
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