Tool & Cutter washing machine

The Tool & Cutter Washing Machine has been meticulously developed to deliver rapid and effective cleaning tailored for tool holders and cutter parts, encompassing components with uncomplicated geometries. This versatile machine is adept at accommodating either a batch of small parts loaded onto a basket or individual larger parts securely placed on fixtures.

Adopting the innovative Rotary Table Spray Washers approach, the components are situated on a rotary basket, propelled by a meticulously engineered motor and gearbox assembly operating at a controlled low speed. As the rotary basket revolves, a solution composed of water combined with an alkaline mixture is efficiently propelled from the tank using a High Pressure pump. This solution is then directed through multiple inline filters and an array of strategically positioned spray nozzles. These nozzles are situated both above and below the rotary table, as well as along its sides within the wash chamber of the top-loading spray washer. This strategic layout guarantees comprehensive coverage and an elevated level of cleaning efficacy, resulting in superior cleaning outcomes.

Upon the conclusion of the washing process, the solution within the wash chamber of the Rotary Table Washer is effectively drained back into the tank through the utilization of a basket filter. To ensure optimal performance and precise monitoring, a spray pressure indicator equipped with a Glycerine-filled pressure gauge is thoughtfully integrated. In addition, the control panel is thoughtfully outfitted with indicators for monitoring low water levels and a digital temperature indicator cum controller. These features collectively contribute to operational convenience and the precise management of the washing process.

The Tool & Cutter Washing Machine underscores its role as a tailored solution designed to deliver efficient and high-quality cleaning for a range of components, thus enhancing overall manufacturing efficiency and quality standards.

Working Temperature: 50 to 65 deg.
High Pressure Alkaline sprays wash.
After Spray wash Rinse.
Compressed air blowing.
Hot air blowing.
Timers are provided for controlling wash cycle and drain time duration..

High pressure vertical / horizontal pumps.
Hot Air centrifugal blower with Air heater for component drying.
Stainless Steel V-Jet Nozzles ~ Durability and precise 360 degree cleaning coverage
PLC Controlled Panel with HMI Display
Gravity Filter to keeps tanks free of larger debris
Mist collector for Exhaust systems.
Oil Skimmer for effective removal of oil from tank.
Rotary type component cleaning machines wash tank can be also provided with Oil separator for effective removal of oil from the tank in high volume.
Washable Filtration system for reuse of aqueous solution.
A thermostat-controlled electric immersion heater in Rotary Basket Cleaning Machine maintains the aqueous cleaning solution at the desired temperature.
Rinse tank for removing alkalinity from component post spray wash


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