Rail Wheelset Washing Plant

Our company provides a comprehensive rail wheel set washing plant equipped with an automated process that effectively eliminates various contaminants, including grease, brake dust, and encrustations, from locomotive car wheel sets. This advanced system ensures a thorough and efficient cleaning process, enhancing the performance and longevity of the wheel sets. By offering a solution that tackles a wide range of contaminants, your rail wheel set washing plant contributes significantly to maintaining operational efficiency and safety within the railway industry.

  • Process: Automated Cleaning process consisting of Spray Washing & Fresh Water Rinsing
  • Customers : Railway, Passenger car, Transit car, Metros & Passenger car Rebuilt plants
  • Work piece : wheelset of all sizes, passenger car, Transit car, Metros
  • Application : Cleaning of wheel set prior to inspection/Rebuild
  • Cleanliness : Meets the cleanliness specifications as per customer requirements
  • Productivity : Cleans up to 40 wheel set @ 8 hrs shift operation
  • Standard Recirculated wash solution process followed by Fresh water Rinse (or) Recirculated rinse.
  • Large Tank capacity for wash solution to increase the time changeover of washing solution & to reduce solution foaming
  • High pressure & high volume pump which covers entire parts of wheel set by washing solution effectively
  • Automated loading & unloading mechanism for handling the wheel set in & out of the washing spray cabinet
  • Automatic motorized doors on both sides of the cabinet for smooth operation
  • Construction of solution tank & spray cabinet by corrosion resistant material of Stainless steel (SS 304)
  • Exhaust blower is provided to exhaust the vapour / fumes from the cabinet inside during operation
  • Washing cabinet & tanks are insulated to minimize the heat loss
  • Automatic sludge removal system to remove the sludge accumulating in the wash tanks regularly which increases the tank cleanout extended its life
  • Automatic oil separator to remove the oil suspended particles from wash solution tank to extend solution life
  • Heating of wash solution choice by Electric, steam, Gas or hot water by choice of customer
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