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Traction Motor Washing and Drying Plant

We provide Traction Motor cleaning systems that utilize aqueous-based cleaning technologies, which are environmentally friendly and conserve detergents. Our system is designed for testing and diagnosis purposes, employing a batch-type process that includes pre-cleaning and final cleaning stages. Notably, pre-cleaning and final cleaning are seamlessly executed within a single-stage, closed-loop chamber. Subsequently, the components are transferred to a vacuum drying chamber to ensure thorough drying. This efficient process results in a cycle time of approximately 30 to 45 minutes per batch, ensuring timely and effective cleaning of traction motor components.

  • All process such as pre cleaning, Final cleaning& vacuum drying will be done to get the utmost desired cleanliness level
  • Automatic complete cleaning of Motor components such as bearings, housings, pinion, suspension parts, etc
  • Consistency in the cleaning process by eliminating unnecessary rewinding & detergent residues left at the windings
  • Front Loading Batch Type Machine with Auto Door open & close systems
  • Reduced running cost & reduction in water consumption & detergents due to recirculation mechanism
  • High Productivity with less manual hours
  • Reducing the cost of Locomotive Traction Motor during overhauling operation

1 year for OEM components &2 years for workmanship

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