Corporate social Responisibility(CSR)

Corporate Social Responsibilities (CSR)

Ultramax Hydrojet Pvt Ltd has consistently upheld Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) as a pivotal core value since its establishment. The company’s leadership has proactively engaged in supporting community development endeavors, both directly and through partnerships with non-governmental organizations.

An exemplary illustration of Ultramax’s commitment to CSR transpired during the catastrophic Chennai flood in 2015. The employees of Ultramax demonstrated extraordinary compassion and dedication by extending their efforts beyond their regular roles. They selflessly provided vital necessities such as food, clean water, and clothing to those affected by the disaster.

Ultramax firmly believes in transcending its identity as a successful business and genuinely aspires to uplift and foster the community it operates within. The company is unwavering in its determination to create positive change and contribute to improving people’s lives. By actively participating in initiatives aimed at community welfare, Ultramax showcases its resolute commitment to social responsibility and its earnest concern for the well-being of those who require support.

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