GLR Reactor Cleaning Equipment​

GLR Reactor Cleaning Equipment

Ultramax Hydrojet offers an advanced GLR Reactor cleaning equipment designed specifically for pharmaceutical cleaning applications. The system features a water jet cleaner with a self-rotating nozzle, ensuring comprehensive and safe cleaning of the entire inner surface of the GLR reactor. This highly effective cleaning process is performed without the need to open the reactor, and gas is suppressed by the spray, further enhancing safety.

The GLR Reactor cleaning system is available in both Flameproof (FLP) and Non-FLP configurations, providing flexibility to suit different requirements. With its efficient design, the system minimizes water consumption, resulting in significant water savings. This eco-friendly approach makes it an ideal choice for environmentally conscious operations.

By utilizing Ultramax Hydrojet’s GLR Reactor cleaning system, pharmaceutical facilities can achieve impeccable cleaning results while ensuring a safe and efficient cleaning process, ultimately contributing to enhanced productivity and cost-effectiveness.

  • SS High pressure pump
  • Special Nozzle
  • SS frame
  • On line filter for filtration
  • SS internal connectors
  • Electric panel
  • GLR Reactor cleaning
  • Reactor cleaning
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