Transmission Housing parts washing machine

Transmission Cleaning Machine

The Transmission Housing Cleaning Machine stands as a dedicated solution meticulously crafted to address the thorough cleaning needs of transmission components, including gearboxes, clutch plates, and their associated subcomponents. Embracing a Rotary Batch Type concept, this machine offers tailored cleaning efficacy through an appropriate basket diameter and load capacities of up to 150 Kgs.

The process commences with the manual loading of parts at the designated loading station. Upon activating the two-hand Cycle Start push button, an automated sequence is initiated. The front door of the machine closes seamlessly through a precisely calibrated Pneumatic cylinder arrangement. With the confirmation of door closure, the heart of the cleaning process takes center stage as the Rotary basket begins its rotation. Simultaneously, a comprehensive spray is executed via strategically positioned nozzles, facilitated by a High Pressure pump. This dynamic combination ensures the thorough coverage of the entire component surface, resulting in a meticulously cleaned outcome.

The Transmission Housing Cleaning Machine encapsulates a purpose-driven design, embodying precision and efficiency. By ensuring meticulous cleaning of transmission parts, this machine contributes to the optimization of manufacturing processes and the enhancement of product quality

  • Spray Washing, DM Water Rinsing, Hot air blowing
  • Online Recycling Filtration system
  • Loading & Unloading station at same point
  • Wash tank & Rinse Tank
  • Stainless steel construction for all wetted components.
  • PLC Controlled Electrical panel with HMI display
  • Oil separating systems
  • Fume exhaust / Mist collector systems
  • Tank & Booth Insulation
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