High Pressure Water Jet Cleaner

Single Phase Water Jet Cleaner

The High Pressure Cold Water Jet Cleaner is meticulously engineered to cater to a wide range of applications in various industries. It harnesses the power of high-pressure water to effectively tackle challenging cleaning tasks, including heavy dirt, grime, and contamination from machinery surfaces. With an environmentally friendly process, this cleaner ensures efficient and sustainable cleaning, offering a cost-effective solution for industrial cleaning needs. Its powerful performance delivers reliable and thorough cleaning results, promoting cleanliness, hygiene, and environmental responsibility across diverse industrial settings. The Single Phase Water Jet Cleaner stands as an indispensable tool for achieving optimal cleanliness and efficiency in various industrial operations.

  • High Pressure Pump
  • Electric Motor and its Control panel
  • Easy Moveable Portable type
  • High Pressure with Trigger gun
  • Special Type of Nozzles for various type of Cleaning Requirement.
  • Pressure Regulating & Safety Valve Devices.
  • Single-phase High-Pressure Jet Washer
  • Pressure Washer
  • Single-phase High-Pressure Washer
  • High Pressure Water Jet Cleaner
  • High Pressure Jet Cleaner
  • High Pressure Water Jet Cleaning Machine
  • Cold-Water High-Pressure Cleaner
  • Cold Water Pressure Washer
  • Cold Water Jet Cleaner
  • High Pressure Cleaner
  • Car Washer

This is the machine in which only using pure water as a tool to clean difficult task with cost effective and in Environmental friendly manner.


  • Trigger Gun
  • 10 mtr high pressure hose
  • SS lance 500mm with quick release coupler
  • Fanjet nozzle
  • Stright jet nozzle
  • Fluid damped pressure gauge
  • Rotary turbo nozzle
  • Pipe cleaning nozzle


  • Easy Moveable Portable type
  • Special Seal for Ceramic type Plunger which Increase the life of the Pump
  • Easy accessible for Operation and Maintenance
  • Good aesthetics appearance
  • Manufacture as per cGMP Norms and Audit Requirements
  • All safety aspects have been considered in the machine
  • This Nozzles designed accordingly to the customer cleaning Requirements
  • This is an energy efficient machine Optimum energy only utilized for cleaning

Advantages of the Machine

  • It Saves Energy, Water, and Time & Human Efforts for doing the Cleaning.
  • This machine gives Consistency in cleaning Process.
  • This machine required only one man power to operate.
  • Less manpower fatigues


  • Machinery Cleaning
  • Blender Cleaning
  • Reactor Cleaning
  • Coating Pan cleaning
  • Mixer Cleaning
  • Spray Dryer
  • Food Process machinery Cleaning
  • AHU Pre Filter Cleaning
  • AHU Coil Cleaning
  • Fluid Bed Dryer ( FBD)
  • Floor & Wall Cleaning
  • Algae Cleaning
  • Condenser tube Cleaning
  • Vessels Cleaning
  • Car Washing
  • Automotive Service Cleaning.
  • Car washer
  • Milk Can Cleaning
  • Cow Shed Cleaning
  • Poultry Farm Cleaning
  • Vehicle washing
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