Rail Axle Box Cleaning Plant

Axle Box Cleaning Plant are used in Railway Rolling Structure. The scope of supply includes Design, Supply, Installation, Testing, and Commissioning & Prove out of Machine on Turnkey Basis. The machine consists of Multi chamber and multi stage cleaning. The cleaning plant remove grease & dirt from the axle box. The Axle Box Cleaning Plant is capable of cleaning to meet the stringent requirement of Indian Railways with High productivity.

From Rotary Table Washer Wash chamber it drains back to the tank via a basket filter. Spray pressure indicator (Glycerine filled pressure gauge) is provided to monitor the line pressure. Low water level indication and Digital temperature indicator cum controller is provided on the control panel.The Rotary Component Washing Machine Uses only hot water and biodegradable Alkaline detergent products – making them good for the environment and good for the operator. Our Rotary Table Component Cleaning Machine designed for fast, effective space saving and economical – high levels of cleanliness can be achieved for low cost and little effort. Ultramax Hydrojet Rotary Basket Cleaning Machine is without doubt the best performing Rotary type component cleaning machines available on today’s market.

  • ProductProcess
  • Oil Skimmer
  • Pressurized Filtering System
  • Automatic Door open & close
  • PLC with HMI Logic
  • Hot Air Blowing
  • Pallet Fixtures
  • Loading / Unloading Equipment
  • Ultra Isolation Transformer
  • Servo Voltage Stabilizer

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Generally used in all railway axle box cleaning.

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